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I used to write in cursive thought that penmanship was worthy
I used to take my medicine and fluoride nice and early
still fighting with my preaching to the members of the clergy
but I promise I won't ever stop the focus of the journey
we are all enslaved, played and so deranged from the illusions of the day. Egyptians then the Romans now the USA
uses terror, fear and constant news to keep us in a cage
Lost inside a school, the biggest waste of time is when you follow all the rules. They only give us freedom to metastasize the root
and if you don't pay your taxes they are coming after you
I got love Lauryn Hill, fuck a industry that fuel the corporation ails
Everywhere I look a human farm is now for sell and for the right price you can buy yourself a jail
This ain't your typical rap song

This ain't your typical rap song, pawn to glorify by harlequin bear claws
manipulate the masses to sequester to cat's paws
pummel to the Queen Gaia, remedy lacks cause
another victim to false stars, fronting like a Goodwill charity pimp squad. branding all these tags they exploit to become God
chest beating rage like a primate in shit guard.
typical rap song, reality enslaved within a living room caucus
neighborhood chains all look the same irregardless
regurgitated feed stupefying their markets, walking dead is upon us
bailing out a system that destroys our existence
monopolize accounts with derivative hit-lists
Dowing on Nasdaq S&P mission, evict our tradition
lost in deception of our past prejudices
our recollection is a vengeance of brilliance
time swallows truth and the media twists it and they call me a cynic
typical resistance of conspiracy theorist
but what has really changed as a result of their dominion,
the infinite is in-explicit
democrips rebloodicans banging round the clock,
on your block, to your kids
democrips rebloodicans banging round the clock,
on your block, to your kids


from Sorry I Mix Taped Over Your Songs, released July 31, 2014
Original: This Will Destroy You's Grandfather Clock



all rights reserved


Drew Imagination Oakland, California

Born & raised on the island territory of Guam, Drew moved to Hawaii to pursue school and a career in journalism. Today, Drew has turned his slam poetry and hip-hop hobbies into a means of activism and celebration. Looking to grow as a member of a community, he hopes his art inspires others to create. ... more

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