Revolution ft. Navid Najafi

from by Drew Imagination

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1st Quote/Hook is John Lennon
2nd Quote/Hook is Marlon Brando


Need to stop twiddling fingers and sit smoking the reefer
Life steadily races, Time seizes your greatness, they're saying
the rise of the people should not be possible
profiteering on obstacles, irrevocably prodigals
robbing you, lying and poisoning for their pocketbooks
legislate, enslaving the populace into poverty
propping GMOs through FDA and their subsidies
cancerous in their recipes, breeding us into felonies
cocking a doodle just at the crack of you
running a headless chicken so mindless with indecision,
right back at you, guide out the pony Fela and Frif,
as the dog and pony show reconvenes on your t-v
and I cease, desist the order of their disease
ignorance or its apathy packaging to deceive
and all silliness put aside our willingness makes us weak
our silence is our defeat, as I'm toiling through the race,
our reliance is what they need,
if my taxes will go to war am I funding a terror scheme?
resist, the order of their disease
ignorance or its apathy, zombies are out to feed chump

the truth is not the lie they're selling you
the realest lie they bought and sold is advertised for you to own
delivery right to your home
teach your kids to lose their soul
and I am guilty of the foe
the people that I dearly love taught me meditation is the existing in the present love, we're too often disconnected, apprehended by obsession environment of our hypertension let go.
the industry is in syncope, taking bigotry make it ancient history
ever single inter-feed representing peace humility. building up an infantry of art evolved communities
Or shall I replicate their excrement, representing marijuana they don't understand her essence yet. living being for your wellness,not abusing or rebelling. Let me take the time to paint it, you goody two shoes needs stop with your complaining
always rearranging the degrees of your attack, hypocritical at the mass
Stuck inside concept of don't do drugs, when the government poisons our food and our lungs
Drink that sugar soda take another pill,
the reason it's not legal is because it really heals.

The truth is not the lie they’re selling you
caught up in trance as they command the waves of aptitude
they rather have you go to school, rack that debt and pay your dues
hypnotize with voting booths
infiltrate democracy, arming rebel factions with weaponized machinery
spark the ganja for the family Ehren Watada, Daniel Ellsburg, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning.
the industry is a war regime, making billions while the people still in poverty. how’s a peace prize winner on a bombing scheme
and the land of the free keeps imprisoning
minorities over wall street, banker thieves
capitalism on the prism of com-busting dreams
the revolution is alive among the truly free
the revolution is alive it’s up to you and me
the revolution is alive among the truly free
the revolution is alive it’s up to you and me


from Sorry I Mix Taped Over Your Songs, released July 31, 2014
Original: Tommy Guerrero's Exzebache



all rights reserved


Drew Imagination Oakland, California

Born & raised on the island territory of Guam, Drew moved to Hawaii to pursue school and a career in journalism. Today, Drew has turned his slam poetry and hip-hop hobbies into a means of activism and celebration. Looking to grow as a member of a community, he hopes his art inspires others to create. ... more

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