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Lady Liberty second nature to keep you free
freedom in confines to abide by our society
lost inside the richest design to keep their pockets green
establishing dominion in form of new democracy
Drew talks bout the same shit on every song
I'll keep going till rants turn to dialogues
started flowing to prove all the skeptics wrong
brainwashed by the bullshit of Babylon
AWOL passionate, academic immaculate,
ratchet rebelling pacifist, connoisseur of cannabis
call me a savage, native loving and activist,
Queer power stay fabulous, skinny, bearded and packing it
truly though, this is not the half of it,
optimist in new disguise as the vision vanishing
tackle any enterprise in retribution action hits
consequence of warfare, entertainment, fashion biz

oh say can you can really see
the land of the free corporate hypocrisy
and the rockets red glare bombs bursting no care
superpower by a nuclear heir.
justice if you afford the fee
racial overtones underlying the system we
reminiscing those murdered by manifest destiny
indigenous is resistance to military decree
Four score and seven years ago
same ole propaganda on the radio
support the troops, keep shopping, stay in your classes
evil is up ahead, the empire, needs your taxes,
distractions entrapped in patterns control the masses,
silencing dissent, empower police reaction
what the fuck is the difference between terror and war
false flagging those trillions and hoodwinking the poor

do this shit, always for the people
not about your possessions, it's how you treat people, like
no one is illegal but these banks filthy lethal,
get a mask make a plan V Vendetta on the sequel
I'm so fed up with the fed flipping student loan debt
while my PhD friend work a double for the rent
watch them cut full time, then the benefits slayed
and reduce part time for the temp agency

fifty stars to cover battlefields
The crimson tarheel remnants to this day ail
go incinerate helter skelter mutiny
lady liberty captive to the currency


from Sorry I Mix Taped Over Your Songs, released July 31, 2014
Original: SAINT PEPSI's Baby



all rights reserved


Drew Imagination Oakland, California

Born & raised on the island territory of Guam, Drew moved to Hawaii to pursue school and a career in journalism. Today, Drew has turned his slam poetry and hip-hop hobbies into a means of activism and celebration. Looking to grow as a member of a community, he hopes his art inspires others to create. ... more

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