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And if the revolution comes before I rise and wake
I hope you understand I’ve struggled and I’ve made mistakes
and all my yesterdays embarrassments I’ve just embraced
because those lessons brought me where I firmly stand today
fertilized by mentors, teachers, stoner types
persevered through colonized indoctrinated lessons like
Pastors preaching gospel flaunting Abercrombie steez
and coaching high school athletes to get between their knees
talking hypocrites on power trips but life wasn’t that bad
brainwashed to believe we are free inside this land
and in every single facet of society we see
exploitation re-enforced through what you buy and eat
politricking gimmicks in survival of the fittest
object to your perspective so perplexing to a witness
what’s a gift if you’re not giving, what’s a life if they keep taking
enslavement of a nation so that war is second nature, no peace

I don’t really have a home, what I thought was my tradition was contrived to keep me lost. in the midst of my retreat,
I found love in a disaster no empire will defeat

reinventing the design that the system serves the wallet, preaching run it on the man. get your knowledge take their profit.
on a plane to Honolulu, 20 dollars in my pocket,
never gonna get a job until it’s worth all of my options
luminous glowing on fiber optics
fluorescent generic rhyming on circuit boards with a vise grip
arrive enlightenment by changing up my environment,
disregarding the climate, faker than the horizon,
keep on rising, flip the bird to ignite em,
remind em we’ll never fold to authority or their violence
so what’s my options, augmented by profit
low-income the target, marginalize to market
just a product of society’s stereotypes
take the detriment they sending in as reason you fight
so when your average joe and jane stop and stare at you twice,
just an apathetic ignorant excuse for a life
cockroaches they’ve tamed,
train trapped in their ambition charging credit away
streaming New Girl to Community the corporate sustained
and you forget these very shows keep the elite in their place
Donald Sterling sold the Clippers make a billion off his slaves
and we follow sports statistics but are clueless to the way
that our freedoms in this way of life enables war campaigns
I’m not saying that I’m perfect but the status quo must change
I’m not saying that I’m perfect but the status quo must change


from Sorry I Mix Taped Over Your Songs, released July 31, 2014
Original: Editors' Dinner Date Remix



all rights reserved


Drew Imagination Oakland, California

Born & raised on the island territory of Guam, Drew moved to Hawaii to pursue school and a career in journalism. Today, Drew has turned his slam poetry and hip-hop hobbies into a means of activism and celebration. Looking to grow as a member of a community, he hopes his art inspires others to create. ... more

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